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I have been using Unicorn Power Scour for years with brilliant results and I love how it cleans so effortlessly leaving just soft  and subtly fragranced fibres ready to spin etc.

Read the manufacturer's technical information below.


Unicorn is the industry standard in fleece cleaning. Nobody is tougher on grease or more gentle on delicate fibers. 

Unicorn is commercial grade which means using less product, 50% less than competitive products on average. Unicorn works it's magic in warm to hot water and doesn't need the help of boosters. This means you save money by using less product, less energy and less work. We also enhanced the Power Scour blend with coupling agents to counter hard water as well as dispersing agents to help minimize the reattachment of dirt/residue back onto the fiber thereby providing for better rinsing.

Unicorn is biodegradable, earth friendly and American made which makes for a cleaner world!

INGREDIENTS Power Scour: Nonionic and Anionic Surfactants, Propylene Glycol or Ethanol, Copolymer, Lavender Fragrance & Filtered Water.

Unicorn Power Scour 100ml

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