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We are so lucky in the UK to have such a diverse range of incredible sheep breeds, each one bred to flourish in its natural surroundings whether that's high in the mountains or on the lowlands. And with the diversity of breeds comes a whole range of fleece variations giving hand spinners the option to choose the perfect wool for any project, from fine laceweight shawls to chunky rugs, British Wool can do it all. 


I have been hand spinning for many years and it is the variety of fibres that continues to excite me because as well as being able to choose a wool for a project I also find it such fun to try wool I haven't previously discovered and the whole journey feels fresh and exciting.

If you are unsure of which wool you need for a specific yarn then this selection may help you to choose enabling you to order a larger quantity of your favourite with confidence.


This selection of British Wools have been chosen to reflect the seven British Wool categories of sheep breed and offers twenty wools (although the picture shows 18!) which is sure to excite you too as you learn all about the various breeds as each one will feel very different to spin helping you to appreciate the uniqueness of each breed. 

The seven categories are:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Cross
  • Lustre
  • Hill
  • Mountain
  • Naturally Coloured


Your pack will contain 50g of each gorgeous wool with each breed being labelled with the micron count and staple length to help you to decide on the best way to spin them. And that choice is left to you to decide as there are so many possibilities. If you need any advice however I am always happy to help, so do please get in touch to ask.

And to help you keep track of your spinning inventory you will also find twenty labels, one for each wool on which you can record all of your spinning information for future reference.


Please note that our packaging is all eco friendly. Your order will be packaged in a tissue-lined cardboard box to keep it safe in transit and then double up to make a fabulous storage box for all of your hand spun yarns too. It also makes a great gift package if you are buying for a crafty friend or treating yourself.

I look forward to packaging your British Wool Box.

British Wool Celebration Box


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