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Learning New Tricks!

Hello and welcome to my first blog post of 2021, which I am apologetically writing rather late! Well I always promise those who sign up to receive my emails that I won't inundate their inboxes!

Firstly on a serious note I sincerely hope that you are all remaining well and happy in times that seem to be continuing to challenge us all in so many ways. I know that many of you have received the COVID vaccine and I only wish that I was able to have it too but the fact that it is available fills me with hope that we shall all be able to resume our lives again very soon. And I am looking forward to that day already.

I recently revealed that I had been really struggling with the new technological lifestyle into which I felt I had been flung headfirst without requesting such a dramatic change to my life. Well I am happy to say that things have somewhat settled in that respect. In August 2020 I 'retired' from my 30 year career in Social Care to concentrate on The Spinning Barn to facilitate a more relaxed way of life and spend my days doing something I love while continuing to educate the masses. Little did I know that workshops would once again have to cease despite having spent a small fortune on renovating the barn, which is still ongoing - my roof has decided to leak all over and needs total replacement. I am currently praying for dry weather!

So my lessons have been hard-learned in respect of facilitating Zoom workshops and my online hand spinning course but I am so happy to report that the struggle has really been beneficial in an age where I cannot hold in-person workshops. Just to see faces, whether familiar or new, has filled me with joy once again, as has being able to support new spinners or those looking to tweak their craft a little.

I am very excited to say that my downloadable workshop 'Hand Spinning Success' is proving to be popular. I designed it to hopefully make the new spinner feel that they are with me here in the Barn and it follows the very natural progression of spinning from treadling through to finishing the skein of yarn. It also allows the spinner to contact me for further support and advice if needed or just to share their very own Hand Spinning Success. Here's a little preview .

My podcasts entitled Spinning a Yarn at The Spinning Barn are also receiving positive feedback but strangely from USA and Canada more so than the UK proportionally but I suppose hand spinning seems hugely popular in those parts of the world and it's a big place! However my mission as always is to help and inspire anybody from anywhere!

Leading on from my new-found technological confidence I am now putting together some more instructional videos to run beside my hand carding video which is available on my website for free or on Youtube. A very popular question I receive is about achieving consistency when spinning so I am planning this as my next instructional video. Do let me know if there is anything in particular you would like help with and I shall do my best to help.

Now at this point I would like to ask you all for your support. I have almost 600 followers on social media but it appears that my posts are only seen by less than 2% thanks to good ol' Facebook algorithms and I understand this relates to interaction from said followers. May I ask that when you next visit my FB page that you set your notifications to 'see all' by clicking on the 3 little dots at the top right of the page please. This helps hugely as does a tiny little comment so do just say 'Hi'. You will notice that I shall soon be posting videos and 'lives' on a more regular basis as these again please the FB Gods! Without you I cannot achieve all I desperately want to do to support you in turn so any help would be really appreciated.

And I would like to give you a little heads-up on something I am incredibly excited about. If you don't already buy the Ply magazine I suggest that you do and for two reasons. Firstly each issue is jam-packed with themed information and articles and makes for a really good read while creating a library of guidance for those future questions you may have. Secondly....drum roll please........ I WILL BE IN THE SPRING 2021 issue about double-coated wool. Yes I know, it's insane!!!!!! You can buy the magazine from The Threshing Barn who are the UK distributor.

So don't forget that if you have any tips and tricks you would like to learn or to share then do please get in touch. I need my daily fix of hand spinning loveliness! And until we can all meet up again I send you all my very best wishes and love.

Theresa x

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